iPhone to iPod: A Bos Guide (with Videos!)


The problem: the iPod Touch starts at $199 and can’t easily be bought by the pennies your 5 year old found in the couch.

The solution: your old iPhone that you’re about to trade in for the new model.

With this guide and videos you can turn that iPhone into an iPod touch that will give you relief in countless situations from the Great Mac and Cheese Delay At CPK to the “How much longer to Grammy’s?” Onslaught of 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Not only is this a 5,000 word eBook with step-by-step instructions and foxy screenshots, it also boasts 8 screencast videos walking you though each step of transforming your old tech into your kid's dream device.

1. Should it Stay or Should it Go?

How to quickly evaluate whether it's better to transform your old iPhone or trade it in. (Includes video!)

2. Erasing, Cleaning & Restoring
The best and safest way to wipe your old iPhone before transforming it into your child's dream device. (Includes video walking you though this process!)

3. Setting Up
All the initial steps you need to take in setting up your new iPod Touch for your child's safety and entertainment. (Includes video!)
4. Security & Restrictions

More best practices on how to set up the device to be safe for your kids, yourself, and your wallet! (2 videos in this section!)
5. Setting up FaceTime and iMessages
Grammy wants to read them a bedtime story but she's across the country? No problem, once you follow these steps she'll be able to FaceTime a dramatic reading of Skippy Jon Jones multiple times a week. (Includes video!)

6. Organizing Apps

How to organize apps for your very specific audience: your kid. (Includes video!)

7. App Recommendations 

Features multiple recommendations and lists of award-winning kid friendly apps. (Plus there's a tour of a Bos kid's iPod transformed!)

8. Cases and protection

Recommendations on how to protect your child's newly transformed device.

Praise from folks who have used the blog post version of this guide:

"This is amazing!!! Thank you so much for putting all of this information together...my daughter has been wanting an iPod for a long time, and this is perfect!" --

"This was truly helpful! Thank you for taking the time to share so many details. Being able to follow your directions will allow us more family time at Christmas." --

"WOW! Thank you so much for this! Just walked through this successfully to turn my old phone into my son's 11th birthday gift. :) -- Diana Brown

Deron Bos is a professional organizer, Apple coach, and owner of Bos Organization.  He lives with his wife and two boys in beautiful Culver City, California. He loves projects like this guide that allow him to help other families connect through Apple technology. 

Any questions or feedback? Please contact Deron at hello@bosorganization.com

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iPhone to iPod: A Bos Guide (with Videos!)